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When chatting and calling frequently using a Skype account, users might log a considerable volume of activity. Some of them might want to save their chat or call activity and browsing through Skype’s history isn’t the most practical way to achieve that. SkyHistory will help users record and log their Skype activity, with numerous tools for displaying their call history, managing contacts or adding important messages as bookmarks.
Clean interface that will aid users with a compact set of tools for logging Skype call and message history
SkyHistory offers users a minimalist interface that features a four section layout where they can view the different contacts, recorded activity (call and message history), browse a logging calendar and view saved messages respectively.
All the buttons and sections are clean and straightforward, leaving users with no trouble when it comes to handling the application. One can easily filter the recorded activity by using custom text strings and the application even offers the options to save the preferred messages as bookmarks.
Log your Skype activity with this utility that offers features that might be too basic for its intended task
Users will be able to choose for which contacts the activity will be recorded and all the Skype messages and calls will appear automatically in the application. However, once the activity has been recorded, one will have no way of exporting the saved content and the application fails to provide any form of database management.
Furthermore, its Skype logging features do not offer more than displaying the messages or calls and demanding uses might request additional features. For instance, it would have been beneficial if the application also provided an option to expand the recorded messages, manage them in a folder structure or dragging-and-dropping them into external text editors.
Basic application that will allow users to record their Skype messaging and calling activity
For people who seek an easy-to-use software solution that could log their Skype call and message history, this application might be a decent choice. It will offer them a set of basic tools for managing contacts, displaying call / message history and saving preferred entries as bookmarks. However, its functionality doesn’t extend past its basic features and experienced users might not be satisfied by its tools.







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SkyHistory helps users with logging Skype communication and activity and features a set of basic tools for managing, saving, viewing and managing Skype chat and call history.
SkyHistory Features:
– Record Skype calling and messaging history
– Display call history, message history, activity history and browse history on a daily basis
– Open Skype tabs based on usage
– Organize Skype contacts by moving them to desktop or system folders
– Save messages as bookmarks
– View incoming calls and messages with contact details
– Export messages as plain text or HTML files
– Export Skype history to text file
– Displays call history for Skype contacts and call history for Skype groups
– Displays message history for Skype contacts and message history for Skype groups
– VLC support
– Customizable interface
– Generate reports
– Start record at any time
– Record Skype history for 30 days
– No ads

Check box to Create a Screenshot of Skype call history.
Check box to Search through Skype history in the Screenshot folder.
Check box to Create a Screenshot of Skype message history.
Check box to Search through Skype history in the Screenshot folder.

SkypeLogger Description
SkypeLogger is a program for Skype user records your calls, lets you view your Skype calls, message logs and calls from Skype. SkypeLogger has become one of the best Skype call recorder software programs, it can be upgraded to send SMS message to Skype.
All the rules for the SkypeLogger can be defined according to the user’s preferences. SkypeLogger has become one of the best Skype call recorder software programs, it has become the world’s largest Skype call recorder software programs, best Skype call recorder software, Skype call recorder software etc.
· SkypeLogger Features
SkypeLogger for Skype? SkypeLogger has become one of the best Skype call recorder software programs, it has become the world’s largest Skype call recorder software programs, best Skype call recorder software, Skype call recorder software etc.
· SkypeLogger for Skype? SkypeLogger has become one of the best Skype call recorder software programs, it has become the world’s largest Skype call recorder software programs, best Skype call recorder software, Skype call recorder software etc.
· SkypeLogger Features
SkypeLogger for Skype? SkypeLogger has become one of the best Skype call recorder software programs, it has become the world’s largest Skype call recorder software programs, best Skype call recorder software, Skype call recorder

SkyHistory Crack +

SkyHistory is an application that logs Skype activities such as calls, messages and file transfers in one place. It has a clean, simple interface and is customizable. You can manage your recorded Skype messages from any Windows applications.
SkyHistory Pros:
– Organize all Skype activity into a folder structure.
– Save your favorite Skype messages as bookmarks.
– View your Skype history.
– Filter your Skype activity to your preferred contacts.
– View your Skype call history in different formats.
– Record Skype activity by keyword.
– Support for Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, GTalk, AIM and ICQ.
– Change the order of the contact list.
– Read the latest Skype updates from internet websites.
– Import Skype contacts from another application.
– View history of Skype activity by country.
– Add Skype contacts from other applications.
– Manage recorded Skype activity and contacts in an easy way.
SkyHistory Cons:
– Recorded Skype activity cannot be exported to another file format.
– No Skype history past 2 years.
– Customizable buttons for the application are limited.

SkyHistory Download includes:

SkyHistory [Mac/Win]

SkyHistory is an application that is designed to be used for logging Skype call and message history. The user interface is clean and offers a flexible recording features, enabling users to choose which message and call types they want to save.

An application called Skype for Phone will be the first Skype application released for Android. The application will let users make calls and chat using Skype from an Android device. What this means is that you can use your Android phone to make VoIP (Voice over IP) calls using Skype.

Skype for Phone is a free application and requires a Skype account. It does not require access to your phone or text messages. The application also has a built-in SIP client that can be used to make calls directly from your device.

Skype for Phone Features:

Free to download and use

View History

Make calls

Check availability of Skype Contacts

Instant Message from Skype

Run Skype from your desktop, just like it were a regular application

Integrated with Skype Contacts

Chat with Skype

Support for over 100 languages

Find New Friends and Add Contacts

Skype for Phone Updates:

Skype for Phone is available for Android phones running Android 1.6 or newer. For those users running older versions of Android, some additional functionality is supported via an update that will be announced when it is available.

Skype for Phone is compatible with Windows Mobile 6.0 (WM 6.5), Windows Mobile 7.1, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Skype for iPhone has emerged at the tail-end of October, a popular web application service that adds a new push messaging layer to the Skype portal. Users can now establish an instant messaging conversation with a person who is not on-line at the time using Skype for iPhone. The app can be installed directly from the iTunes store.

Skype for iPhone Key Features:

Phone number or email address to make calls using Skype.

Text chats with other users.

Quick Info on the other users just like the phone.

Set custom notifications for others.

Access Skype forum, help center and more.

Integrated VoIP and Text Messaging

Call/Texts to any phone number

Skype for iPhone is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For users running iPad, the application can only run in landscape and is limited to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

What’s New In SkyHistory?

SkyHistory is a cross-platform application that will allow users to manage and log their Skype history. The application provides a compact interface that features a tabbed four-section layout where users can view the different contacts they have with Skype, browse call history, manage recorded messages and view saved messages.
SkyHistory will allow users to create four bookmarks for most preferred calls and messages in Skype. Calls and messages can also be searched by custom text strings and the recorded activity can be exported as an.xls file.
Key Features:
– Browse Skype contacts, call history and save Skype messages as bookmarks
– Manage Skype contacts by adding new contacts, changing the info and adding Skype images
– Log Skype calls and messages by recording them in the application
– Filter calls and messages by date, nickname and time of chat
– Export the recorded activity as an.xls file
– View Skype history in a calendar format

SequelPro Cloud is a cloud based document management, file sharing and storage system. It is the most flexible and easy-to-use document management software on the market with virtually unlimited storage and storage available to each account at a very affordable price.

Skype for Business consists of a group chat platform that allows users to keep in touch with teams and with their contacts. Office users can use Skype for Business for group chat and audio or video calls with conferences. Skype for Business replaced the Lync Social Networking Solution, which now is available only as a stand-alone product. Office 365 as well as Office 2010, Word 2010 and Excel 2010 editions include this platform for groups and teams.

Powerful consumer-level application with advanced capabilities for business users. Available for free for download on the Mac App Store.

FreeEAServer is a highly flexible enterprise grade e-mail archiving solution for Exchange and POP3 email messages. The award-winning solution provides unlimited storage for messages and mailboxes with true „archive once” compliance and ease of use for Exchange 2003-2013 and Office 365 administrators. FreeEAServer has been deployed at more than 20,000+ enterprise customers around the world.

Skypetools is a fully functional utility that allows you to add your Skype contacts to your address book, view and search Skype contacts, send or receive Skype messages (to or from Skype address book and chat history) and create Skype icons for use in your desktop.

The Skype to Outlook plugin is a free service that lets you move Skype contacts and conversations into

System Requirements For SkyHistory:

To download and run the retail version of Kritika 5, you must have a 64-bit version of Windows (or a version of Windows that supports 64-bit systems) and a minimum of 2 GB RAM (for version 1.5.1 of Kritika 5) or 1 GB RAM (for version 1.4.0 of Kritika 5).
The Kritika 5 installer does not require installation of additional software, but the user may be required to install an antivirus program. We recommend using a free antivirus program.

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