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When it was first introduced, it was one of the first image editing programs to use layers for editing, giving users the opportunity to adjust different layers in an image at the same time. Photoshop has remained one of the most popular image-editing programs for years and is one of the most widely used graphics editing applications.

The changes to Photoshop CS6 [Express Edition] include:

Workflow – You can now create and edit 8 new custom workflows within Photoshop that look and feel similar to more traditional editing applications. You can also see workflow tips on changes you make in Photoshop. (NOTE: Saving CS6 is no longer necessary to have this option)

Smart Objects – Use smart objects as a way to organize and manipulate image and video files. They provide many benefits including workflow customization, the ability to create templates, and sharing with other apps.

Tune Up – Image quality is a big issue for many users and now Photoshop CS6 has a three-step tune-up tool that provides an automatic routine to help you get better quality photos.

Added Camera Interface – With the new Camera Interface you can use any camera to create a high-quality image and apply some of the tools to enhance it.

Advanced Camera Raw – Edit images in more detail with Photoshop CS6’s next generation version of Camera Raw. You can still use Photoshop Express to quickly edit and create HDR images, but now you can use Photoshop’s high-quality adjustment tools to adjust any image.

New Animation Tools – Now you can animate more than just text and shapes using the new animation tools in Photoshop CS6.

Editing – With the improved content aware tools (which can be used without the Express version), you’ll have the ability to easily edit and add text to photos and other files.

The new tools in Photoshop CS6 are great and I am excited to see what else will be added in the next version.

Apple iTunes becomes even better with iTunes 11 Preview

Photoshop CC is officially out but you can already download the software

It’s been rumored for awhile now that we’d be getting a new version of iTunes for the iPhone and the iPad, and now the new iTunes has been confirmed.

It’s called iTunes 11 Preview (or iTunes 11 Beta) and it’s already available for download. The beta version features a number of new features that are similar to the ones available in Windows 8. The beta version of iTunes 11 will be available for those who have

Photoshop CS5 Free [32|64bit]

In this guide, we’ll review the best photography books for graphic designers and illustrators. You can also check out:

10 Best Sketchbooks

10 Best Photoshop Books

10 Best Illustration Books

Best Photography Books for Graphic Designers

10 Best Graphic Design Books

1. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements

Since digital images are the norm now, more and more people are relying on software like Photoshop and Elements to get their work done. If you’re looking for a simple and affordable alternative, Elements is a decent option. It has all the features found in Adobe Photoshop, but does so with a more “casual” and “choosy” user interface.

2. Channels

The Photoshop Channels feature allows you to apply multiple effects to an image that build on each other. For example, you could use the Colorize tool to add a specific color to a black and white image. Then you could use the Overlay option on the overlay channel to boost the original effect without leaving a large color spot.

3. Layer Magic

Layer Magic is a unique feature that allows you to create custom borders and boxes for your images. With the Layer Magic tools, you can quickly place a graphic element into an image, and add borders and shadows to complete the look.

4. Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions are like an “app” that you can use to quickly edit your images. You can use the Actions panel to add a specific look to your images or to edit them, such as rotate or straighten images.

5. Lens Correction

If you regularly use lenses with varying focal lengths, the Lens Correction feature can help you to achieve consistent results. You’ll be able to create and apply lenses, and adjust their effects based on the focal length. The Lens Correction feature also has great noise reduction capabilities.

6. Improved Edit and Open Tools

These tools can be used to increase the quality of the background on an image or to improve its readability. They also can be used to add graphic elements, and even create text.

7. Drawing Tools

The line drawing tools, the pen tool, and the paint bucket are the primary tools that are included in Photoshop Elements, and help users get creative when editing their images.

8. Tracing Brush

If you’re looking to create a large image from

Photoshop CS5

export default {
name: ‚VecPrivacyHomePage’,
data() {
return {
welcomeText: ‚Welcome’,
bannerText: ‚These are the default privacy settings for your workspace.’,
stickyHeader: true,
barHeight: ‚130px’,
headerHeight: ‚180px’,
tabLinkText: ‚Learn More’,
searchResetText: ‚Reset filters’,
sessionIsComing: false,
sessionsAlreadyExist: true,
context: {
privacies: [],
color: ‚blue’,
hidden: true,
show: false,
showHidePrivacy: true,

What’s New in the Photoshop CS5?


Python: Import a module without changing sys.path

I have a fairly large Python package (3 or so modules) called foo_bar, and I want to ship it with a folder that is easy to find on a shared system. I would like to have an import that does something like:
import foo_bar.syspath.syspath.foo_bar

Is there some way to do this in Python, or will I have to hardcode the path to foo_bar.syspath?


You can load the module based on its name.
>>> import sys
>>> sys.modules[__name__]

Remember that sys.path is updated on each import.

Documenting interactions between mechanical stimuli and material transients: a system to study muscle contraction.
A novel experimental system is described in which the contraction of single muscles in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis, can be faithfully recorded and controlled. Together, the extracellular and intracellular microelectrodes can provide information about the activity of the muscle fibres, the rate of tension development and relaxation, and the movement of the limb. In addition, extracellular electrodes can measure the forces in the joints that are transmitted to the muscle. The unique properties of this system provide a means to control the inputs and sensory conditions associated with muscle contraction and to control the relative positioning of the limb and muscle. The system allows changes in the external mechanical properties to be studied and applied to the contraction of skeletal muscle in a controlled way. Changes can also be examined in the movement of the limb and the muscle fibres that result. The effects of the manipulations, in terms of the forces and movements in the limb, can be recorded, measured, plotted and stored as a digital file. This system is thus an effective technique for documenting the molecular events that occur during the contraction of a single muscle.Sony and Mubi To Bring New Films to the Web

January 19, 2013

Sony and Mubi are combining forces to bring more world cinema to the web.

The companies have today announced a new partnership to bring limited edition theatrical films to the web. Beginning on March 1, Sony’s Mubi will offer digital-only screenings of recently released movies, including three films from famed French director Agnès Varda, as well as Cannes titles.

System Requirements For Photoshop CS5:

– Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit)
– OpenGL 4.4 or higher
– 1GB of VRAM
– DirectX 11 capable graphics card
– 4 GB of free hard drive space
– Immersive visual effects including water, fire, smoke, light, and so much more!
– Audio enhancements including water ripples, rain and thunder!
– Detailed high quality models, textures, and decals!

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