IEditor License Key Free Download [Win/Mac] (2022)

IEditor application allows users to view and edit the text or content of the viewed HTML page from the Internet Explorer.
IEditor integrates directly into the Internet Explorer workspace and displays page HTML source.
The information displayed by IEditor is quite different from the information you get from the standard „View Source” popup menu. The Internet Explorer MSHTML component will parse the downloaded page and add its own tags, close unclosed tags and even remove tags which violate its parser logic.
The information revealed by selecting the „View Source” popup menu is gathered after the Internet Explorer has parsed it, so it’s always different from the original.
IEditor always displays original code of current web page, so users can easily see how any Internet page is really built.







IEditor Crack + Activation Key Free

IEditor Serial Key is an alternative of Visual Editor which is a standard HTMLViewer.

Sample IEditor Workspace:
IEditor can be run from the command line.
To run IEditor from the command line, type the following:
For example, to run IEditor from the command line, type the following:

NOTE: As per known limitation, IEditor is not able to edit
compiled HTML files.

All functions of the Visual Editor workspace are supported.
The following features are supported:
Formatting, mark and replace, Search and Replace, Tab and Clipboard
Bulk text selection, Paste, Cut, and Copy (To Clipboard)
Web pages Online (external Internet links) search, Go to, Navigate
Line Numbering, Bookmarks, Find, Copy, Paste, Select, Highlight,
Add/Remove Bookmarks, Autocompletion, Save.
Code folding, And many more…

The latest release of Windows 95 or later.
Internet Explorer for viewing web pages.

Known limitations:
The script has not been tested in Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 4.5,
Windows 2000. No guarantee for support in these operating systems.
The script does not work with Internet Explorer 6.

This script is free.

Stefan Kara [
Jamid Syau [

See Also:
Visual Editor (
another alternative HTML editor.
HtmlViewer ( another HTML editor.
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IEditor Torrent (Activation Code)

1. IEditor provides users with the ability to view and edit HTML code online from the Internet Explorers homepage. You can view the HTML source from the web page you are currently browsing by simply selecting „View Source” from the Internet errand „View” menu. However, this requires you to navigate away from your current location to the web site’s homepage before opening a new IE window. In contrast, the IEditor supports more integrated way to view HTML source.
2. When you are browsinging a web page, IEditor can download the source of the web page into a local file for further work.
3. IEditor supports a list of text editors, thus provides more user-friendly interface. You can use it to edit the downloaded HTML code directly.
4. Some more features:
? Support drag-and-drop to move around.
? Integrates directly into the Internet Explorers homepage, no need to open another window.
? Comes with a preview window which updates automatically as the HTML code changes.
5. Windows Standard Edition
6. Windows Vistas Vista Version all
7. Windows Pro
8. Windows <p>alls
9. Windows <p>ostics
10. Windows <p>ums
11. Windows <p>s
12. Windows <p> doesn’t
13. Windows <p>’s
14. Windows <p>; (Yes, all three)
15. Windows <p> (Yes, all three)
16. Windows <p> (Yes, all three)
17. Windows <p>s
18. Windows <p> (No)
19. Windows <p> (Yes)
20. Windows <p> (Yes)
21. Windows <p> (No)
22. Windows <p> (Yes)
23. Windows <p> (No)
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27. Windows <p> (Yes)
28. Windows

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Allows you to see source of the page – by selecting view source from IE menu, if the page is edited in the web.
IEditor supports css-code editing using HTML-CSS Selector and after edit click save changes.
IEditor can be used as version control tool.
IEditor is very easy to learn and use.
IEditor has ability to do quick search for text in downloaded page and show results on any line in editor window.
IEditor can work as standard web browser and by double click on the page can open in new window.
IEditor can also work as Spy if you want.
Full demo below.

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What’s New In?

IEditor is a small, free and powerful tool to help users view the source code of any web page. IEditor is a WebKit (based) HTML/JavaScript engine.
IEditor allows your users to view and edit the source code of your website. IEditor is a HTML/JavaScript engine. IEditor is used to parse and display HTML documents, and it allows your users to view any kind of HTML page.
IEditor’s parsing mode is the WebKit (Apple). Any parsed document will have its own tag.
If you use a different browser, IEditor will not work. In addition, IEditor uses the.NET Framework to display information.
IEditor Features:
Basic Features:
Full text parsing
Parsing in blocks
Parsing using namespaces (optional)
Parsing with selection
Parsing in color
Viewing in one page
Editing in one page
Advanced Features:
Parsing with watch
Interactive editor
Parsing using namespaces
Parsing in color (optional)
Parsing with selection (optional)
Parsing in blocks (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom blocks (optional)
Parsing with watch
Parsing with namespaces (optional)
Editing in one page (optional)
Editing in blocks (optional)
Editing with focus (optional)
Interactive editor (optional)
Events (optional)
Printing (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom blocks (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom blocks (optional)
Creating your own custom blocks (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)
Creating your own custom functions (optional)
Creating your own custom namespaces (optional)

System Requirements For IEditor:

Windows XP or newer (tested with Windows 10 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit, Windows 8.1 32 bit, and Windows 8.1 64 bit)
2GB of RAM
5GB of free disk space (this may change in later versions)
DirectX 9 (or OpenGL)
AVC decoder support
Non-OEM DVD-RW discs
100Hz (or higher) refresh rate
Redbook 5.1

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