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EasyWebCam 3.5.7 (LifeTime) Activation Code

Webcam Server
EasyWebCam is a simple and powerful web cam server. Watch webcam images with everybody remotely using a web browser. No software installation, no accounts, just some one time payment to register your webcam with EasyWebCam.
EasyWebCam has been extended to support your own custom webcam via our.NET application, which runs on.NET 1.0 and higher. See below for details:
NEW! EasyWebCam.NET
This is a fork of the WebCamBasic server written in C# and you can now download it and run it from your own website.
EasyWebCam for WinForms
EasyWebCam ActiveX has been written as a standalone 32 and 64 bit Windows Forms product that captures images and streams them to a web browser over a network.
EasyWebCam or Server Lite?
EasyWebCam now comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions, including a server product. The server product is in beta at the moment and will soon be open for non-evaluation by press requests, so watch this space!The Walnut


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EasyWebCam 3.5.7

EasyWebCam is a free ‚out of the box’ web camera application with a flat and simple design.
Live Video feed is displayed on a fixed target.
Built-in Motion detection sends an image to a mail server which creates an email alert when motion is detected.
The Gallery and Archive features can be used to create a directory of Webcam images which can be viewed using the live Webcam stream or the collected gallery.
You can load HTML files and then have a different background for each one. You can even use the ‚My SmileCam’ option to upload to an ftp server
Each day’s web cam captures can be previewed by the slide show feature
TTY requirement:
Operating Systems:
MAC OS X 10.3.9 and later
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, ME, XP, 2003, Vista
PC requirements:
Minimum 30MB disk space and 40MB free ram
Pentium 400Mhz processor or better
Control the control panel with the built-in remote control feature
CD booting works
Windows ME drivers
Supports Windows XP Profiles with maximum 4 sockets.
PNA (not AWE) drivers
Static/Dynamic IP Address
Built in Live Mail if you don’t want to use an external e-mail client.
Live Time Stamps can be viewed in the webmail.
You can upload images to FTP servers, email them, view them on the site, create a slide show to ‚Go Live’ and much more!
This program is 100% freeware and donations are NOT required.
EasyWebCam Installation:
Download the application to the ‚C’ directory.
Right click on the downloaded file, then ‚open with’.
Choose ‚install’ or ‚run’ and then ‚Ok’.
This will extract all files and folders from the files to the ‚C’ directory.
You can now add a web cam and change the settings and connect to your email server.
EasyWebCam Limitations:
The built-in motion detection feature only sends email alerts when motion is detected. No other email alerts are sent.
VSTS or Windows Media Player is required to play the live streaming webcam feed.
Secondary processes are not permitted.
There is a limit of three connections per CPU.
The port for the email server must be in the ‚Remote IP Ports’ list.
Email notification can’t

EasyWebCam 3.5.7 With Serial Key (Final 2022)

EasyWebCam is fully featured web cam application with a great looking interface that works ‚Out of the box’.
With its superb ‚Live Video feed’ feature and the’motion detection’ feature you will never need to use any other web cam software. You can have ’email alerts’ sent to you when motion is detected, upload to any ftp server or just use our FREE web space.
It’s very easy to use and set-up but if you need more, then just explore the advanced settings for image manipulation etc. You can alter the uploaded HTML page or the web cam ‚Gallery’ feature and choose how many images to archive for online viewing. It even works with a WAP enabled mobile phone or a PDA for remote viewing.
Pop up windows show you ‚Whos Watching you’ when using the server feature. At the end of the day you can use the’slide show’ feature to preview the day’s activities on your own computer. Now with SmileCam(tm) support and a built in DynDNS client.
You can also use smilecam.com or noproxy.com to have remote access and a web page (download.eml file) to access through an e-mail client.
Note: The smilecam.com service does not support smilecam.com password protection and you have no control over the settings or server settings used by smilecam.com.
A private channel can be set-up for you to chat to yourself through webcam! This way you don’t have to worry about who is watching you, and your friend can see you and you can see each other.
No more worrying about what you look like, emailing your sweetheart a pic of your face, or having a cold povcam-stare!
This is also great for ‚Chat rooms’, like the ones on MSN and Yahoo! A private channel can have its own ‚Buddy List’ and invite only mode. All chat ‚rooms’ do not allow people to hide other ‚Members’.
** A straight forward explanation:
One person (you) sees the camera, another person (he) can ‚look’ through the camera, you can ‚chat’ to him, and if he has the software he can see what you look like.
The live stream feed is sent to a website you access, or to an email address (email sent via smilecam.com) You choose which port to

What’s New in the EasyWebCam?

Just as in everyday life, you can record and photograph when you are not home and upload to the Internet. If you are home, you can view and print/save to any normal printer or directly to the screen.
EasyWebCam will automatically start recording when your webcam is powered on and a change in the light is detected.
You can edit/save your photos with built in support for BMP, JPG, Gif, and PNG.
You can choose to view just captured video or the 24 frames per second video feed of your webcam.
You can view your images with built in support for common Windows screen viewers like Windows Media Player, Windows Media 7 or Windows Media 8.
You can save your image to any ftp server or FTP site with built in support for all FTP sites.
Video of the EasyWebCam Review:
More Photo Reviews:
SmileCam(tm) Review.
SmileCam(tm) News.
Visit at
Have a problem? Want a feature?
E-mail: support@creationdigital.co.uk
Follow us on:
Windows Live:
My Space:
MediaMail: @Iflags@
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Hard disk: 4 GB or higher
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