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Did you know? Photoshop Elements doesn’t have a camera option. Instead, it has a built-in Scanner utility to convert your photos, just like a real camera. It takes about five minutes to complete the task!

Listed here are the best free Photoshop Elements tools that you’ll find in a free version of Photoshop Elements.

Before we get to the list, here’s a quick overview of what’s inside Adobe Photoshop Elements:

• Image Formats: 2.8 billion colors, 2,097,152 unique pixels, and 8 bits per channel.

• Color Control: Red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, and white.

• Levels: Lighten or darken the image.

• Curves: Make the image darker or lighter.

• Vibrance: Add a little extra color saturation.

• Black Point: Adjust the color balance to emphasize or de-emphasize the black and white tones.

• Hue/Saturation: Mix colors together.

• Sharpen: Optimize the sharpness of the image by increasing contrast.

• Spot Healing Brush: Apply image corrections, like fill in black spots, without affecting other areas of the photo.

• Eraser: Trim the picture.

• Local Adjustments: Brightness, contrast, and more.

• Spot Healing Brush: Fast and easy tool to correct blemishes and retouching.

Now let’s explore the best Photoshop Elements Tools for Making And Sharing Images.

Top 100 Photoshop Elements Free Tools

The following list of the 100 best Photoshop Elements free tools will help you to edit, create, organize, print, and share your images.

#1 Photo Triggers

Photo Triggers are Photoshop Elements’ new creative toolkit. Photo Triggers help you create and share wireframe figures that you can easily modify later in the editing timeline.

Easy-to-use, Photo Triggers are perfect for making dynamic elements for ad campaigns, website design, or graphic design. You can preview, adjust and fine-tune your figures before putting them on web pages.

What’s even better is that you can easily tweak your figures with other Photo Triggers as needed. For example, you may want to create a different version of your figure where the sleeves

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Brushes are also used in Photoshop’s retouching tools (usually a separate brush with a customizable paint bucket), text tools, color tools, gradient tools, drawing tools, and in the Node tool.

Brushes are also key in working with live paint.


Adobe Photoshop also includes many effects, including filters, opacity, Gaussian blur, vignette, blur, emboss, drop shadow, spot healing, and even adjustment layers. Many of these filters are advanced and hard to master, but some can be used for basic effects.

Blur can be used to make images look blurry, soft, or to make a hard-edged object look softer by blurring some of the hard edges.
Blur can also be used to remove noise and fine details from images. The default Blur filter in Photoshop is Radial Blur, which is useful for objects that are circularly symmetrical, like circles, petals, and rockets.

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Kong: No database connection in POSTMAN

I am developing a REST API using kong. It works fine when I call from the terminal. But there is a problem with the POSTMAN. I am able to use the POSTMAN to connect with the Kong but when I try to upload any image using POSTMAN there is a error like this :
„errors”: [
„message”: „No database connection is configured for this database”,
„class”: „DatabaseConnectionFailedException”,

I have written the below code in the Kong config :
driver: postgresql
max-connections: 100
min-connections: 1

I have read other stackoverflow answers but nothing helped. I tried restarting the Kong multiple times.
Thanks in advance


It seems that the problem might be with Postman itself. I have solved it by creating a new image with Postman and then connecting to the Kong. By the way I am using Postman to connect Kong with my service.

The Golden Age of Comics is returning to San Diego this week, and Marvel and DC have gotten into an extremely silly dispute over some sort of joke rule against giving out free comics to everybody. It’s only fun to see because the comics are only mildly insane, but it might change their business model. Also, there’s a great deal of creative pathos on display.

A supposed “courtesy” of the Marvel Universe decided to tell people that they can’t give away free comics, making it impossible for people to participate in the new Free Comic Book Day. So they posted an explanatory note on Marvel’s own website to explain why.

First of all, the note is entitled “Free Comic Book Day is a Free Day”. This means that the whole premise behind Free Comic Book Day is flawed, and Marvel and DC should just accept

System Requirements:

1. Please, disable Anti-Aliasing, v-sync and anisotropic filtering.
2. Click the Play button at the bottom of the screen to start the game.
3. Press ‚TAB’ key to switch from game to menu.
4. Use the Arrow keys to move, the WASD keys to move faster and Jump with the SPACEBAR key.
5. Run to the exit and Jump to the top of the screen to escape

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