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Even if you don't save files on your computer on purpose, long-term surfing on the Internet and other activities can leave a bunch of temporary files lying around which can put quite the strain on performance. In this regard, CleanTree wants to help you clean temp directories, or any other folder according to your configuration.
Lightweight and easy to use
Once the application is safely deployed on your computer, you can run it to see what it's all about. In terms of visuals, features are wrapped around a classic window frame, which doesn't pose any accommodation problems. A couple of panels let you view configuration files, as well as the log window which updates in real time.
On the bright side of things, there's a default configuration file which can take care of most common types of files and items which end up in temp folders. It's either possible to run this one, edit it, or create a new one from scratch. What's more, the application allows you to create multiple definitions, save, and even use more at a time.
Create custom configuration files
Every configuration is fitted with one or more deletion parameters. Choosing to create one brings up a new window with several requirement fields. A new name needs to be added for easy identification, as well as the folder which is put under the scope. There's the option to have all files in the selected folder removed.
If you don't want a blind clean operation, a couple of fields are used to write file extensions to target, as well as exceptions. Additionally, the application can include subfolders in the clean operation, delete empty folders, and remove files even if fitted with the read-only attribute. Be careful what you remove because there's no undo operation.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that files end up on your computer after every activity, even if they take up little space. CleanTree is sure to come in handy when your computer starts having delayed response time, refreshing its temporary storage folders for faster, better navigation offline and online.









CleanTree Keygen For (LifeTime) For Windows

Cleaning Temp Folders
Every minute your computer has to handle hundreds of temporary files, some of them can be important, while others you just ignore.
But the question is when do they have to be opened or deleted?
Today, you can use our free cleaning tools to remove this temporary stuff from your computer. But as time goes on they get filled up, and you don’t know when their space is used up.
Now you can easily clean the temp folder and know exactly how much space your computer is using for temporary files.
We are really excited to introduce our new cleaning application, CleanTree to the market.
The aim of CleanTree is to find out the exact location of all temporary files. It has the ability to scan through the various hard drives of your computer and locate every single file or folder used by temporary data.
After the scan, the temporary files are listed and categorized for your convenience and the need to know. We categorized these files into the following categories.
1.Temporary Files
2.Temporary Text Files
3.Temporary images
4.Temporary videos
We also made it easy for you to see the amount of space that is currently available to these temporary files.
From the list of all files, you can easily delete unwanted files to free up the space, and keep your computer running smoothly and fast.
If you want your computer to be just like brand new, we suggest you take advantage of our free cleaning tools offered in CleanTree. It will remove temporary files for free for 30 days, so that you can use the computer to its fullest extent.
It will also notify you when you have reached the maximum number of files that can be stored in temporary folders for 30 days.
Benefits of CleanTree

Save your computer space and free up the RAM.

Delete unnecessary temporary files and keep your computer safe from viruses.

Check the size of temp folders and know when your computer has reached the limit.
You can increase the cleaning frequency by selecting the amount of time you want the application to run.
Usage of CleanTree
1. Add the temp folder you want to clean to the list of the temporary files.
2. Hit ‘Scan’ and see the detailed information.
3. Note down the details of the files to be deleted.
4. Tap the delete button and wait for the operation to be completed.
5. In case you

CleanTree Crack+

Ensure your cache is clean and free of temporary files and other junk that clog up your storage space with a CleanTree Crack Free Download. You can clean all user files and folders or create and apply custom configuration files by turning off the selection of the file types you want to delete. In addition to that, CleanTree Crack Keygen allows you to exclude specific folders (and subfolders) to be cleaned as well.
CleanTree Free Download is a free, secure, and safe Windows application.Q:

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CleanTree Crack With Registration Code

CleanTree is a free program designed to help you get rid of those temporary files which get created during surfing, watching videos and downloading, as well as the ones created in the browser’s cache. Furthermore, CleanTree removes unused process memory and unneeded databases, and empties your recycle bin. As for its features, it offers a system-wide clean up, as well as custom clean files. Moreover, CleanTree can remove temporary files generated by Windows itself.
Version: 1.0.5
Developer: Dom Lacey, Dom Lacey
License: Free
File Size: 2.76 MB
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7

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What’s New In CleanTree?

If you don’t want to spend all your time removing temp files, you will love this app. CleanTree will help you quickly clean out temporary files and free up disk space. With a few simple steps, you can select one of preconfigured templates or even create a completely new file that will remove files from the temporary folders. It will remove both the files and the empty folders at once.
Key Features:

Move files from the temporary folders to the external hard drive

Select one of preconfigured templates or even create a completely new configuration file that will remove files and empty folders from the temporary folders

Run as a portable application

You can uninstall CleanTree if you like

If there is no preconfigured template, only an empty file will be created

Temporary folders contain a lot of files that slow down your computer. Some of these files are cache used for applications, temporary folders and the list goes on. CleanTree easily lets you delete these files, empty folders and get free space from your hard drive. Use the default template or create your own configuration file to make the process as easy as possible.
Key Features:

Allows you to clean the temporary files for different operating systems

Deletes empty folders as well as the files fitted with the read-only attribute

Caches/Temporary folders contain a lot of files that slow down your computer. Some of these files are cache used for applications, temporary folders and the list goes on. CleanTree easily lets you delete these files, empty folders and get free space from your hard drive. Use the default template or create your own configuration file to make the process as easy as possible.
Key Features:

Allows you to clean the temporary files for different operating systems

Deletes empty folders as well as the files fitted with the read-only attribute

Business requirements go much beyond making the development process agile and satisfying. The utmost importance lies on the ability to consistently and continuously build all products and services, either by removing problems, or creating new solutions. In a nutshell, why not talk about continuous integration?
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System Requirements For CleanTree:

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Intel-based Mac
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About 16 GB of free disk space
PC Requirements:
Windows 7 or later
Intel or AMD processor
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Click OK to continue.

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