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BattleSpace is the ultimate and most challenging space strategy game. You will start as a spaceship captain, building a mighty crew and discovering the secrets of a distant galaxy.
You will have to research all kinds of technologies, from basic construction and navigation to killer weapons, artificial intelligence, new types of ships, armor, master enemy fleets, make interstellar alliances and invite new players into your ranks.
While you are building your forces, you can also participate in the many PvP battles with your foes, or watch and affect other players’ campaigns and wars!

Compatible with the following browsers:
Firefox 3.5
Google Chrome
Safari 4
Because of internet bandwidth and connection speed regulations, BattleSpace can be played offline. It can be played in Opera, Netscape, MSIE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and PPSSPP. It must be played online or offline in XVM unless it is purchased.
There is a requirement to use XVM and it must be used in conjunction with XMB Classic, XMB Commander and XMB Rocket. The BattleSpace download does not contain these needed files. To use the Game Offline, you must have a copy of XMB Classic, XMB Commander and XMB Rocket.
Current Features:
Online Multiplayer:
– Playable in the comfort of your web browser (in a DMZ)
– Playable with friends across the globe
– No need for a registered BattleSpace account
– No need to download anything or install any software
– No need to go online for BattleSpace to run
– Internet connection required
– Real time
– Recommended connection is 128k
– Password protected
– XMB files must be compatible with BattleSpace
– Full Steamworks integration
– Interactive Multiplayer with bots, overlords and AI
– Online stats including:
* Comparison of Empires’ technology, population and fleet sizes
* Player statistics
* In-game chat
* Different game modes
* Customizable game settings
* Multiplayer Ranked matches
* View player profiles
* Invitation of player to your Union (guild)
* Clan functionality


Features Key:

  • Face your battle rivals
  • Play on massive maps
  • Compete online or against AI opponents
  • Explore the planet from a dynamically-rendered 3D ship
  • Customize and upgrade your ship
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    this.onclick = function() {
    window.postMessage({ from: ‚game.battlespace’, message: ‚theBattle=myBattleSpace’ });

    And then in the game.battlespace, listen for this:
    window.addEventListener(„message”, evt => {
    if(evt.origin === ‚game.battlespace’) {
    }, false);

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    Como ejecutar línea de código sin compilar en entrada de archivos.axd

    Como ejecutar línea de código sin compilar, en el WebApi, de esta manera
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    string r = „a”;
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    BattleSpace Keygen Full Version [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

    The depths of the galaxy are far too dangerous for unprotected freight carriers and starliners, so it’s best to hire escorts for transport through the void. Battling rebel pirates is dangerous enough, but starliner escorts are prepared for every possible threat.
    Empire Escorts deals with escorting expeditions in deep space. As a player of the Empire Escort class you need to complete contracts on time, ensure the ship’s safety and care for your client’s cargo. Your skills are not always appreciated by the public, as starliner pirates and rebels can get in the way.
    Empire Escorts is a space strategy game, where players create their own epic galactic story and roleplay their way through the different classes.
    Why not play online right now? Sign up on
    * There’s no need to install any software to play BattleSpace.
    * BattleSpace ships are 3D rendered using the new HTML5 3D & Esoteric engine.
    * Game settings can be changed easily.
    * Completed buildings, objects or ‚gifts’ that you’ve placed can be simply removed.
    * Build hundreds of ships with different specializations.
    * Race all enemies to the giant planet first.
    Features BattleSpace:
    * Multiplayer, Join any game or guild or search for games and/or guilds to play with!
    * FREE ONLINE SOCIAL GAMING! Play with your friends and guild mates.
    * Create and join your own guilds.
    * Join any game, private challenge or guild.
    * Individual leaderboard rankings and compendium rankings for every game and guild.
    * Advanced chat system for guilds and players.
    * Search for players and guilds and learn about them.
    * Customizable player profile for every player.
    * Achievements, use them to highlight your achievements.
    * The player who joins the most active guilds will receive the Pwnage title.
    * Ranking and rewards every month!
    * Join me in a private Guild, we are a dedicated Guild and looking for new members.

    BattleSpace (Final)

    BattleSpace is a sci-fi flash game designed to play in the comfort of your web browser. In this free online strategy game, you step into the role of an Admiral, building a solar system in the depths of a faraway galaxy. Every player starts in their own ‚Union’, or guild, with the option of band


    BattleSpace X64

    Want to play more games with time limits?

    Play BattleSpace 3.

    Friction GameSpotBattleSpace started out as a small online skirmish game based around the popular team-based FPS, Team Fortress. Players take on the roles of the front-line combatants, responsible for shooting enemies and dying horribly if they get in the way. Players also take on the role of an Admiral – a galactic ruler charged with controlling their ‚Union’, or team, from the safety of a shielded control center. Each Union possesses a collection of power modules, which can be built by spending gems earned by’mining’ planets. Playing time can be sped up by capturing and holding various space stations.Each Union has a space capsule that can be sent off to explore the outer reaches of the galaxy, revealing new planets, weapons, units and objectives to conquer and control. Right now, you can play in three modes: Solo mode, PvE mode and PvP mode.Play solo mode to explore BattleSpace alone. Explore, mine, and build your way to victory! With numerous bonus objectives, combat and control modules, and a detailed space map to learn and navigate, you’ll be able to discover the perfect spot to hold your Union.Alternatively, PvE mode has you drop in randomly onto a planet as an Admiral. The goal is to either conquer the planet, or defend against encroachment by other players. Admins will then assign a team of 1 to 5 players who’ll face other Admins in PvP mode for a chance to earn cool rewards. BattleSpace’s PvP is intense and you can have only one player online at a time.Check out BattleSpace on the web or on Facebook. If you’re on iOS, you can even download the full game right from the App Store.BattleSpace is a game about gathering resources and building a great empire, online or offline.BattleSpace on Facebook – at


    Stones: A Symphony of Colors Play SoundCloudBattleStones is a text-based strategy game set on a mystical alien world. It is based on the writings of Rudyard Kipling, primarily his The Jungle Book.


    The Tower Wars Play SoundCloudEver thought you were a dragon? Ever wanted to be one? The Tower Wars has you climb up tall ladders, dice for defense and a whole lot of strategy. Completely turn based, you can take on 2, 3 or 4 players at a time in this engaging


    What’s new:

    A World Class MMO Battleships Battle Online & Offline!

    BattleSpace, the ultimate battle simulator game for PC and consoles is bringing you the realism, the excitement and the classic naval battles of yesteryear as never before. Worldwide tournaments featuring your very own weapons in LIVE & ONLINE battles!

    You can finally bring the ultimate naval battles from the golden age to you PC! A true naval combat experience in full 3D with unbelievable graphics, design a real ship and use real weapons to live the life of a true captain. This is real battles, with real rules and real rules of engagement.

    Learn how to win from expert moderators on a weekly basis. If you fancy yourself as a top team player, learn even more in our easy to learn and follow battle tactics through a range of optional tutorial classes.

    Install BattleSpace and experience elite battles featuring the three great weapon series: Ancient, Medieval, Mutiny!

    Recent Reviews:What I love most about BattleSpace is it is a mix of all three. There are modern ships with medieval armaments, and classic, antique, and the futuristic varieties. Do not fear; the game is easy to learn and has fun combat possibilities that rarely get boring as every ship is built from the front at the helm and every battle is different. That being said, the tutorials are easy to follow and the best part is the commander who makes every online skirmish fun. I do recommend it highly!

    Pauliina SaisalaThanks, you guys at BattleSpace are great! I am looking forward to try this game. It sounds fun! Im glad to see you are working hard to make this a full-featured online game. I hope it will get close soon to the Saturnian MMO, Glory of Generals.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Here are a selection of online games that have been announced as a part of BattleSpace, but aren’t yet live. They are planned to be coming in about 3 to 6 months. New updates will be announced with each of the new game additions.

    BattleSpaces is home to a relatively small group of developers, but we have been working on each game at full blast from the get-go. The online game ( is our flagship, and will undergo the most development down the road. Our goal is to create a game with content in excess of any other MMO on the market today.

    Yes, we have plans to share Battle


    Free BattleSpace Crack + Activation Key


    How To Crack:

  • Como instalar o BattleSpace no Windows?
  • Como ter uma mesa de lançamento para jogar BattleSpace no seu sistema operacional?
  • Como ter o BattleSpace sem ficar desistindo?
  • Se você já tem um Subnível, não comprar o game através do lançamento e sim por mega pack in LaunchBox. Só existe um problema. O simplesmente não têm nenhuma mesa de lançamento que funcione. Não é parecido com o Subnível. O lançamento é um problema real. E deixa descontro se você quiser comprar o game em mega pack e ele vai ficar uma hora na sua conexão cassada para se inserir na loja, ouça falar que conta 1 hora seu download! Essa mesma péssima loja que era o lançamento.
    Como a gente consegue fazer isso? Clicando no caminho a esquerda. “Play Store Games”. Mais uma vez o motociclo volta do outro lado as pessoas desatualizadas. Melhor um magnífico CD de Gama Crash.

    Como instalar o BattleSpace no Windows?

    Vou dar um exemplo pessoal mas infelizmente isso depende muito de você e de como usou algum jogo. Como posso dizer que tudo para a instalação de BattleSpace é perfeito. Mas se você estiver usando um Subnível e estiver indo a um evento, você preferirá utilizar o Subnível do lançamento da loja. Sim, se você viver nas grandes capitais de outros países é completamente diferente do que viver em outro Estado, is


    System Requirements For BattleSpace:

    Mac OS X v10.11.5 or later
    Intel based Mac or PC
    8 GB of memory
    DirectX 11 compatible video card, or a GPU capable of rendering DX11 with shader model 4.0
    Hard Disk: 2 GB available space
    Set-up includes:
    Multi-touch trackpad, or two hand-controllers (or any compatible controllers).
    A mouse to be used for PC.
    A keyboard with mouse emulation, or 2 keyboards and 2 mice
    Joysticks or gamepads


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